Trade's Terms and Conditons

 General Supply Rights and Conditions

GRYPHON is a Trademark of Cultor Pty Ltd which is the sole authorised distributor of GRYPHON hockey products for Europe. Products sourced for sale in Europe outside of GRYPHON Hockey will be deemed unauthorised and appropriate action will be taken.
Products supplied by GRYPHON Hockey to its authorised stockists may not be sold on to other trading organisations under any circumstances unless by prior written consent. Contravention of these conditions or other actions considered damaging to the GRYPHON brand or CULTOR Pty Ltd may result in the closure of a trading account and appropriate action to recover outstanding monies and/or stock.

Brand Representation

The GRYPHON brand must be represented in a positive manner at all times both in-store and online and in accordance with any brand guidelines set out. This includes the use of all registered trademarks, text, images etc intended or derived as descriptive or representative of the brand and its products. Any perceived or reported denigration of the brand in the public domain will result in appropriate action being taken

Territory Constraint

GRYPHON brand, owned by Cultor Pty Ltd, limits by territory in re-selling by GRYPHON stockists, as such stockists may not sell beyond the territory, as outlined above.


All prices are subject to change without notice. VAT will be charged at the applicable rate.


We accept payment by bank transfer only, account details below. Please email to confirm payment details or refer to your invoice.
GRYPHON EU Bank account
Bank Account: Cultor Pty Ltd
IBAN: BE169671 7059 5074



Shipping will be charged as follows (out of stock items at the time of order will not be included in the value calculation):
• Orders under €500 Euros (net of VAT) in value - €20 + VAT
• Orders over €500 (net of VAT) in value are carriage free

Order Picking and Dispatch

We aim to despatch all orders received within 2-3 days.
Orders despatched from the Netherlands are subject to a minimum 48hr delivery time after the order confirmation is issued.
We accept no responsibility for late or non-delivery due to courier fault.


All goods are sold without warranty. All returns are assessed on an individual basis and without exception requires the product to be returned
to us with proof of purchase. Photos may be submitted for general comment but this will in no way represent an admissible claim and no comment may be treated binding in any way. In all cases unless the decision to replace/credit is taken by GRYPHON we accept no responsibility for the cost of replacement. The perceived amount of use (not measured in time but "in use" by the player) will be the key assessment factor with indicators of reasonable care or otherwise. Postage costs on returns will not be refunded but any goods replaced will be sent carriage free. Any product personalised or otherwise altered by/for the customer will be subject to replacement/credit of the product cost only.